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Funzi Island Day Trip from Diani Beach

Funzi Island is a lovely settlement located in Kwale County. It is a set of four charming mangrove-covered islands. The main island is the only one with permanent inhabitants. It is home to approximately 1500 people sustained by agriculture and fishing. The island is a charming location ideal for a day trip. If you want fantastic cuisine, lovely sandy beaches, and a quiet, serene environment, then this day trip to Funzi island is ideal for you. It is not known to tourists, so it is an ideal quiet getaway.
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We will pick you up from your Hotel/cottage at 7.00 am. You will drive to Ramisi River, where you will go on a canoe trip. You will spot multiple types of birds flying overhead, making this trip a lot more romantic. Vegetation density absorbs noise from other areas making this excursion surprisingly quiet. Therefore, it is perfect for couples on bonding trips.

After the boat trip, you will stop on the sandbank, which gives you access to one of the most beautiful swimming spots on the island. This little piece of paradise gives you access to warm water, bright sand, and bird calls to make your swim more relaxing.

You will see the famous Funzi ‘Lost Paradise’ sandbars at low tide. Therefore, you can try your hand at sand bathing.

You can also go creek fishing. There are multiple creeks on the island, and you can go fishing at one of them. The shallow calm waters are ideal for catching healthy fish, which you can release or cook up for an authentic experience.

The locals can take you on their canoes, where you can learn about their fishing techniques. It is a genuine experience that will create an amazing memory.

Later, we will go to the Funzi Island village. During this trip, you can take time to interact with the locals. You can learn about how they survive without these modern-day advancements. You will visit major spots in the village, including the witch doctors who cure the villagers of all ailments.

Additionally, you can try some of the local food and drink. Do not skip out on ‘wali wa mnazi,’ rice prepared with coconut milk from the coconuts that grow on the island. During your iterations, you can also get lovely souvenirs.

The locals make baskets, hats, crafts, artifacts, jewelry, and even traditional clothes such as lesos. These are ideal souvenirs to remember your trip. And all profits go to keeping the villagers thriving. Then, the driver will take you back to your hotel/cottage arriving at 5.00 pm.

What to bring:

Sandals, sunscreen, a swimsuit, a towel, a hat, and a pair of sunglasses.

Ramisi River

The Ramisi River has stunning waters surrounded by mangroves and exceptional birdlife.

Funzi Island Village

The Funzi Island village tour is your opportunity to travel back in time. Funzi village has no electric wires, street lights, roads, or central water supply. Life is unspoiled by the complications of modernity, and it is the ideal place to unwind.


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