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Half-Day Mombasa City Tour

With this fantastic half-day tour, you get to explore some of the cultural and entertaining aspects of the coastal town of Mombasa. This splendid town is characterized by delightful warm weather, palm trees, and surprisingly bustling city life. When you sign up for this half-day tour, here are all the places you can expect to visit:
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Fort Jesus Outside Tour

Your tour will start with visiting the beautiful fort Jesus after leaving your accommodations in Mombasa. Fort Jesus is one of the most toured sites in Mombasa. The national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site hold a rich history and has been standing since the 16th century. You will arrive and take a tour of the outside of the fort to save on time.

This location is ideal for learning about the rich history, meeting locals, and taking beautiful pictures for your social media. You will tour the grounds, buy souvenirs, and engage in polite but memorable interactions.

Old Town

Old town Mombasa is in the southeast part of the island and home to many attractions and activities. You will go on a stroll through the town and if you are a history-lover, prepare to enjoy this activity.

The architectural style of the buildings in Old Town depicts Arab, Asian and European culture. Some have been standing for centuries. Therefore, bring a good camera to take pictures. You will also stop by the many shops and stores to buy trinkets and antiques. Old town also has lovely cafes where you can try Kenyan coffee or tea, plus treats like mahamri and samosas.


A half-day tour of Mombasa cannot end with a trip to the market. There are many types of markets in the coastal city. However, you will visit one with general items so that you can get a little bit of everything. Prepare to meet with an array of products ranging from food to souvenirs.

You can pick up fresh fish and spices to try your hand at Kenyan-style seafood. You will also meet with species, fruits, and freshly-harvested vegetables—everything you need to get a taste of Kenyan cuisine.

You can also pick up handmade souvenirs such as woven baskets, jewelry, shoes, clothes, and fabric.

Elephant Tusks

A day in the town is not complete without visiting the famous Mombasa elephant tusks. Initially constructed in 1952, the tusks were built to commemorate a visit by Princess Margaret. They stand on Moi Avenue and have been a symbol of the town for years.

It is a significant tourist attraction, and your half-day trip will give you enough time to take in these breathtaking sets of twin tusks. You can even take pictures.

Hindu Temple

And finally, you will visit Lord Shiva Temple. It is at the center of Mombasa on Nkrumah Road. It is a serene place for mediation and worship that receives visitors from all over.

You can participate in some of the prayers, offer sacrifices, and take pictures. This will conclude an eventful half-day trip to the lovely coastal town.


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