9 Days Kenya & Tanzania Safari


Explore Kenya & Tanzania’s wonders on a 9-day adventure. Witness iconic sights: Kilimanjaro, Amboseli elephants, Ngorongoro Crater teeming with life, & the Masai Mara migration. Every day brings unforgettable wildlife encounters.


Embark on an unforgettable 9-day expedition across the savannas of Kenya and Tanzania! Witness the iconic: Amboseli’s majestic elephants framed by Kilimanjaro’s snowy peak, the thrilling descent into the Ngorongoro Crater teeming with wildlife, the raw power of the Great Migration thundering through the Serengeti, and the untamed spirit of the Maasai Mara, renowned for its big cat encounters. This extraordinary adventure promises daily encounters with Africa’s magnificent wildlife, from lounging lions to playful cubs, creating memories that will linger long after your return.

Day 1: Airport to Nairobi

Kick off your Kenyan adventure! Breathe in the fresh Nairobi air as you emerge from the airport, the excitement of your safari swirling around you. Our friendly driver awaits to whisk you away on a scenic journey, offering a tantalizing glimpse of the vibrant Kenyan landscape – rolling hills, acacia trees silhouetted against the sky, and perhaps even a glimpse of wildlife. 

Settle into your comfortable haven at the Crown Plaza Hotel, and unwind after your flight. As the Kenyan sun dips below the horizon, rest assured that the real magic of your safari adventure begins tomorrow, where iconic landscapes and unforgettable encounters await.

Day 2: Nairobi to Masai Mara National Park

Buckle up for a thrilling day in the Masai Mara! Trade Nairobi’s energy for the untamed wilderness. Transfer to Wilson Airport, then soar on a scenic journey towards this world-famous reserve. Eyes peeled for sprawling plains teeming with wildlife! Land and embark on your first game drive in a safari jeep, en route to your lodge/camp. 

After lunch and check-in, another captivating game drive awaits in the afternoon. Golden light bathes the Mara as you return for dinner and a restful night at Governor’s Camp. The magic unfolds tomorrow.

Day 3: Masai Mara National Park

Devote your entire day to the unforgettable wildlife spectacle of the Masai Mara. Embark on thrilling morning and afternoon game drives, searching for the Big Five – lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo, and leopard. Keep your eyes peeled for cheetahs, zebras, gazelles, and a dazzling array of wildlife. Witness the awe-inspiring Great Migration (July-September) or be captivated by the resident wildlife year-round. Dinner and a restful night await at Governor’s Camp, memories of the day’s encounters etched in your mind.

Day 4: Masai Mara to Serengeti National Park

Buckle up for a shifting landscape adventure! Fuel up with an early breakfast at your Masai Mara camp and grab a packed lunch. A scenic 3-hour drive whisks you across the border, from Masai Mara’s untamed beauty to the legendary wilds of the Serengeti. After a smooth visa process, meet your Tanzanian driver-guide. 

A thrilling game drive en route to your Serengeti lodge awaits, anticipation building with every passing mile. Golden light bathes the landscape as you arrive at your comfortable haven, Serengeti Wild Camp. Dinner awaits, and the wonders of the Serengeti beckon tomorrow.

Day 5: Serengeti National Park

Buckle up for a full-day Serengeti safari – a wildlife extravaganza! Fuel up with an early breakfast and grab a packed lunch. The Serengeti, Tanzania’s wildlife crown jewel, unfolds before you. Vast plains teem with buffalo and elephant herds, alongside a dazzling tapestry of antelopes. Cameras ready, embark on a thrilling game drive. 

Witness a pride of lions lazing after a hunt, a cheetah in hot pursuit, or the elusive leopard. The Serengeti unveils its secrets as the day unfolds, the thrill of the chase intertwined with nature’s grand spectacle. Return to your haven, anticipation high for tomorrow.

Day 6: Serengeti to Ngorongoro

Swap Serengeti plains for volcanic wonder! Fuel up with an early breakfast and embark on a scenic 4-hour drive to Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO marvel often dubbed the “eighth wonder of the world.” Descend over 600 meters into this vast caldera, a teeming wildlife haven. Explore the crater floor on an afternoon game drive, spotting everything from lions to rare black rhinos. 
As the day draws to a close, settle into your comfortable haven at Ngorongoro Wild Camp for dinner and a restful night, anticipation building for your exploration of this remarkable ecosystem tomorrow.

Day 7 : Ngorongoro to Tarangire

After breakfast, depart Ngorongoro Crater with a detour to Lake Manyara’s observation point, witnessing a captivating scene of pink flamingos painting the shores. Continue to Tarangire National Park, arriving at your lodge for lunch. Revitalized, embark on an afternoon game drive in the “Land of Giants,” where towering elephants dominate the landscape. 

Keep your eyes peeled for other dazzling creatures too. As the sun dips below the horizon, return to your lodge for dinner, dreams filled with the day’s encounters and tomorrow’s promise of more wonders in Tarangire.

Day 8: Tarangire to Amboseli

Traverse the border for a majestic backdrop! Fuel up with an early breakfast before departing Tarangire National Park for Kenya. A scenic 5-hour drive takes you to the Namanga border crossing. After a smooth transition, continue your adventure towards Amboseli National Park, famed for its breathtaking scenery. 
Imagine vast plains dominated by the majestic snow-capped peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. Arrive in time for lunch and a refresh at Kibo Camp. Later afternoon brings a game drive, your eyes peeled for wildlife against this iconic backdrop. Dinner awaits at Kibo Camp, and dreams of Amboseli’s wonders fill your sleep.

Day 9 : Amboseli to Nairobi

Feast on breakfast and farewell Amboseli! Fuel up with an early morning meal at your lodge before embarking on a short game drive, a final chance to spot wildlife against the majestic backdrop of Kilimanjaro. With hearts full of memories, depart for Nairobi, a scenic 5.5-hour drive. 

Arrive in time for a celebratory lunch at the Carnivore Restaurant, a feast fit for your safari adventure. After lunch, relax and unwind as you’re transferred to your respective airports for your departures, carrying with you the unforgettable memories of your Kenyan adventure.

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