Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Crowned by the majestic rim of the Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this wildlife haven unfolds as a breathtaking amphitheater teeming with life year-round.


Encased within the volcanic embrace of the Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, lies a vibrant tapestry of life. Here, the drama unfolds not in sweeping migrations, but in the intimate dance between wildlife and their haven within the caldera. Witness a spectacle unlike any other: mighty black rhinos grazing on emerald slopes, while playful elephants frolic around a watering hole.

The magic extends beyond the crater floor. Lush forests cloak the caldera rim, offering refuge for elusive predators and a symphony of birdlife. Spot a majestic lion surveying its domain, or a leopard camouflaged amongst the foliage. Soaring eagles paint the vast sky with their calls, completing this unforgettable safari experience within the cradle of Ngorongoro.

Our Safari Packages

Descend into the wonder of the Ngorongoro Crater: Craft your dream Tanzanian safari adventure with us. Choose your haven – luxurious lodges perched on the crater rim, offering breathtaking panoramic views, or cozy tented camps nestled within the caldera itself.

Mombasa, Kenya

Explore Kenya’s wonders, from Tsavo’s teeming savannas to Kilimanjaro’s majestic shadow in Amboseli.

Mombasa, Kenya

Explore Kenya’s wonders, from Tsavo’s teeming savannas to Kilimanjaro’s majestic shadow in Amboseli.

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Undoubtedly the stars of the lake, hippos spend their days wallowing in the cool waters and grazing on the surrounding grasslands at night. Witnessing their massive forms basking in the shallows or their playful interactions in the water is a highlight of any Lake Naivasha safari.


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Gracing the plains around Lake Naivasha with their black and white stripes are zebras. These social creatures live in large herds and play an important role in the ecosystem. Watch them graze peacefully or gallop across the plains in a burst of energy.


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The tallest land animal on Earth, giraffes are a graceful addition to the Lake Naivasha landscape. The Rothschild’s Giraffe subspecies, with its distinctive reddish-brown patches and intricate markings, can be seen browsing on the leaves of acacia trees, their long necks reaching unimaginable heights.


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Keep your eyes peeled for the Defassa Waterbuck, a large antelope species with impressive horns. These herbivores are well-adapted to life near water and can often be seen grazing along the shores of Lake Naivasha.


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Colobus Monkey

These playful primates add a touch of fun to any Lake Naivasha safari. Black and white colobus monkeys can be seen swinging through the branches of the acacia woodlands bordering the lake, their acrobatic antics sure to entertain.

Camps & Lodges

Explore the wonder of Ngorongoro Crater: Design your dream Tanzanian safari. Crater rim lodges or cozy tented camps? Each itinerary unlocks Ngorongoro’s magic: diverse wildlife from rhinos to playful elephants, all within a breathtaking volcanic caldera.


Immerse yourself in elegance on the shores of Lake Naivasha at the iconic Lake Naivasha Sopa Resort. Spacious rooms with balconies offer stunning lake views, while the resort boasts a swimming pool, spa, and diverse dining options. 

Explore the park with exciting game drives, boat rides on the lake for a unique perspective, or guided nature walks. Unwind in the evenings with a drink, sharing stories under the star-studded sky.


AndBeyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

Steeped in history as the former home of conservation icon Joy Adamson, Elsamere Lodge offers a luxurious escape overlooking the lake. Spacious cottages feature traditional décor, and the expansive grounds provide a tranquil setting. 

Enjoy delicious meals prepared with fresh, local ingredients, and embark on exciting game drives and guided walks in the surrounding park. Evening gatherings around the fireplace provide a chance to connect with fellow travelers and reminisce about the day’s adventures.


Nestled near a volcanic crater lake bordering the park, Crater Lake Tented Camp offers an intimate and adventurous experience. Luxurious tents feature en-suite bathrooms and private verandas with breathtaking views. 

Relax by the campfire after a thrilling day of exploration, sharing stories under the star-lit sky. Expert guides lead game drives and guided walks, ensuring a personalized encounter with the diverse wildlife of Lake Naivasha.


Lemala Ngorongoro

For an intimate and luxurious wilderness experience, consider Lemala Ngorongoro. This tented camp, located within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area just outside the crater rim, offers a unique perspective on the surrounding landscape. 

Spacious tents feature en-suite bathrooms and private verandas, perfect for relaxation. Enjoy delicious meals served in the communal dining area, and embark on exciting game drives into the crater in search of wildlife.

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