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4 Days Tsavo East, West Amboseli

Tsavo East, West Amboseli Safari from Mombasa

This is a 4-day trip that ensures you get the most of your time in the coastal region. Expect adventure in the wilderness that raises your adrenaline levels spontaneously. You will also get a chance to cool down, experiencing the soothing serenades of springs intertwined with the low rumbles of wildlife in the distance. It is also a chance to learn and see animals in their natural habitat. Here is what you can expect on your 4-day trip:
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Day 1: Tsavo East Tour

Arriving in the coastal region, you will immediately feel the air change. The promise of adventure awaits, and we don’t blame you if you cannot sleep. The morning starts with a luxurious trip to Tsavo East from your hotel, lodge, or camp.
Tsavo East is home to a wide range of species, and it would be a crime to leave without seeing them. Therefore, you will participate in a guided game drive through the park, ensuring to hit all the hot spots for viewing the animals. Meet the king of the jungle in his natural habitat, surrounded by other species such as giraffes and red elephants. After a lovely lunch, you can spend your afternoon on the other multitude of activities, including bird watching, nature walks, and hiking.

Day 2: Tsavo West Tour

Day two will bring out your early bird thanks to the sunrise tour departing from Tsavo East. You will get to relive all of yesterday’s hot points, pointing out the early hunters and grazers. This is a magnificent experience you do not want to miss because you will also get to see the breathtaking African sunrise drip orange warmth onto the lush savanna.
Your delicious breakfast awaits you at Tsavo West, followed by a day of touring. You will visit the rhino sanctuary on your drive, where you meet the protected species. This is a scenic route that will stir your appetite, but luckily, a Kenyan-style lunch awaits you. After you have had your fill, you can move to the afternoon game drive that will lead you to a distant view of the snow-capped peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Day 3: Amboseli Tour

Wake up early on day three to capture the sunrise as you enjoy your breakfast. Day three promises to be a treat as you depart to Amboseli but not before you pass by the famous Mzima Springs. Here, you can see different types of fish, crocodiles, and even hippos. You will then arrive at Amboseli National Park to enjoy lunch before departing on a game drive. Here, you will see the big five with spectacular views of Mt. Kilimanjaro as your backdrop.

Day 4: Mombasa Tour

Lastly, day four features a fantastic tour to Mombasa. On this tour, you get to interact with the locals by hitting markets for souvenirs. There are many amazing restaurants on this route, and you can enjoy authentic Kenyan biryani from the best. After this, you will continue exploring the city before arriving at your accommodations to prepare for departure.

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