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5 Days 4 Nights Mombasa Safari

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Day 1: Mombasa to Tsavo East

From the luxurious beaches of Mombasa is where your journey will start early in the morning. A car will pick you up at your accommodations to take you on a relaxing road trip to Tsavo East. You will arrive just in time for a quick game drive en route to a luxurious lodge or campsite.

Expect to see some magnificent creatures, including elephants and rhinos. You will arrive at your accommodations just in time for lunch. Here you can enjoy Kenyan-style meals, including barbeque. Then the afternoon calls for an immersive game drive so you can catch some of the main attractions, including bird species, and buffaloes, leopards, and waterbucks.

Day 2: Tsavo East to Amboseli

The next day, you will check out early after breakfast, going through the park to catch park animals as they wake and head to the watering holes. Then, take in the sunrise as you drive to Amboseli National Park. Finally, you will arrive at the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro in time to check in and have lunch.

After this, you can embark on a fantastic game drive to view some of the best species in the area. Expect to see elephants. Lions, cheetahs, and buffaloes. Bring your camera to catch the scenic peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro. Then you can go back to your accommodations to enjoy the sunset, amenities, dinner, and a proper night’s rest.

Day 3: Amboseli to Tsavo West

Day three comes with the promise of adventure in a different park. You will start early, just in time to catch the magnificence of the African sunrise as it drops onto the peaks of the Kilimanjaro. Enjoy your breakfast, then drive out to see the early risers before they can start hunting and grazing. Next, you will drive to the Tsavo West National Park, where wildlife and adventure await. 

Upon arrival, you will check in to enjoy an early lunch before heading for a game drive. Mzima Springs is a common stopover home to crocodiles, fish, and hippos. The crystal clear waters give you a perfect view of the aquatic animals. Additionally, you will visit the Shetani Lava flow, an enchanting and scenic place.

The experienced tour guide will be sure to entertain you with some of the tales that this scenic place has inspired. You will then go on your way back to your accommodations, bathed in the sunset, as the animals tucker away for the evening. You will enjoy a lovely evening of tasty cuisine from the finest chefs. Then you can tuck in under the lovely sounds of nature. 

Day 4: Tsavo West to Saltlick

After an early morning breakfast, you shall go on a morning game drive, ensuring to pass Mzima springs so you can get a glimpse of the wildlife once more before moving to your next location. You might even catch the elusive monkeys as they playfully swing in for a drink.

Next, you will head on to Saltlick game lodge. This is a charming lodge famously known around the world. It is easily one of the best-photographed places thanks to its unique and scenic setting. Each of the rooms stands on stilts and facing a watering hole for various animals. Staying here is an experience in itself. 

Once you check in and have lunch, you can enter the game sanctuary for a relaxing game drive in open spaces. You will get to see zebras, buffaloes, elephants, and some big cats as they interact in their natural habitat. Finally, the guide will take you back to the lodge just in time to wash up and sit down for dinner.

Dinner at the lodge is accompanied by traditional music from the locals. The charming allure of traditional local music sets the perfect ambiance for the delicious cuisine you will enjoy. Your active participation is welcome as the performers will teach you a move or two after your meal. Then you will go on a free night game drive to catch the animals as they settle into their sleeping areas. Afterwards, we advise you to rest up but not before you enjoy the lovely view of the night sky from your room.

Day 5: Saltlick to Mombasa

Rise at the brink of dawn to catch a lovely view of animals reaching the watering hole strategically placed next to the lodge. This is something that you can only experience here, and it is as magical as it sounds. You will get to join the group of the few around the world who have seen this majestic sight. After this, you will have breakfast and check out from the lodge.

Before you make your way back to Mombasa, you will enjoy a morning game drive through the sanctuary again. This immersive experience is the right way to end your safari. Capture the last few moments before leaving the lodge and going back to Mombasa. The driver will leave you at your accommodations so you can have enough time to enjoy the beach before having dinner and continuing your beach destination vacation. 


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